Submission Guidelines


Submission Guidelines:

  1. The research paper should cover one of the themes of the Conference.
  2. The research paper should meet conditions and standards of the scientific researches.
  3. The research paper should not have been published or submitted previously elsewhere.
  4. The research paper should not exceed 30 A4 pages, including margins, references and appendices.
  5. For research papers in Arabic, they should be in form of Microsoft Word doc. with Traditional Arabic font, size 18.
  6. For research papers in English, they should be in form of Microsoft Word doc. with Times New Roman font, size 16.
  7. Margins of the document from top and bottom (2.5 cm), right margin (2.5 cm), and left margin (1.5 cm).
  8. Acceptance of research papers submission at the conference does not mean acceptance of having them published in the evaluating Journal, as all research papers are subject to evaluation before publication.
  9. Each researcher to enclose one page write up for himself with a fixed line telephone number, mobile number, e.mail address and employer’s address.
  10. Presentations of the research papers should be in form of Microsoft Power Point.
  11. Researchers should register electronically through the web site of the Conference
  12. IIn case a researcher needs an entry visa to the Sultanate of Oman, please send a copy of a valid passport along with a passport size photo to the email address of the conference:
  13. A research paper should be sent in Word doc. form to the e.mail of the conference:
  14. 1. The accepted evaluation researches shall be published in a scientific evaluating Journal, and each researcher will get a free copy of the said magazine.
  15. Invitation to attend the Conference will be sent to all researches of the accepted papers.
  16. The organizers shall not bear the participation fees or travel and hotel of the researcher who will be invited to attend the Conference

Researches Publication:

The researches after evaluation shall be published in the international evaluating Journal: Malaysian Journal of Shari’ah and Law (MJSL), which is issued by UNIVERSITI SAINS ISLAM MALAYSIA (USIM). 

The last date to submit the full research in form of Microsoft Word doc. is (30/06/2019), and the date for the acceptance or refusal of the research is (04/07/2019).

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